Thank you so much for all of the injury prevention tips, fixing my numb foot, and making Steph's back feel better.  The home and work exercises have been very helpful in conjunction with getting treated.  Thank you for keeping our whole family healthy during this past ski season. 

Bert & Stephanie 
 When I first arrived, I was experiencing limited range of motion in the right hip with excruciating pain that felt like an arrow shooting through my hip joint. My lower back was tight and my right knee was hurting making walking downhill or stairs almost impossible. A month later... I had my life back! I was walking, able to go up and down stairs and the pain "arrow" was pretty much gone. Two and a half months later I ran a 5K, was back to hiking and carrying my gold clubs on the course again. Today I can do and try just about any physical activity I want and now have the dream about doing a 10K and duathalon.

                                                                  Jan J  : First place age group triathlon finisher
 I can not express how grateful I am to have found chiropractic and Dr. Andrea.  Along with her treatments, she provides an abundant amount of information about pregnancy, nutrition, prenatal exercises, labor and delivery, post delivery, and infant care.  My child always laughs during treatment and sleeps great afterwards.  She loves it!

 Father of a 5 month old baby girl   ​
Dr J, thanks for helping me reach my goal. I ran with minimal pain and did it with the PR!
                                                                 Suwanna S : New York Marathon Finisher
I have been sitting computing at work for over 30 years.  Before I got treated by Dr. Andrea and Dr. Jeremy, my neck used to lock up and give me excruciating pain.  After getting treated I can water ski, work, sleep, cycle, run and my neck has never felt better.  Chiropractic has kept me doing the activities I love to do.  Thank you!

Kevin B
As this was my first visit to a chiropractor, I had no idea what to expect, but the experience was great. Jeremy walked my through each step of the exam before he proceeded and was very clear and gentle in stretching, probing, and tweaking my problem areas. I'm going back in for another session right away and have high hoped my back pain will be lessened. I recommend this service if you are a first timer like I was!

I ran my first marathon!  And it was a wonderful experience, thanks to Dr. Andrea! Her nutrition counseling, training tips, exercises to address past injuries and adjustments kept me healthy throughout my training and ensured I was ready for race day. Thank you!

Tracy B : San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon Finisher 04:15:29

Dr. Andrea has repaired my body and restored a quality of life of which I did not know possible! She is a true healer and her gift is a true blessing. Thank you for your healing!!
​                                                             Heather J

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Best chiropractic care and rehabilitation I have ever received!  Dr. Andrea and Dr. Jeremy are very knowledgeable and very thorough with my care.  I was nervous at first, but now I look forward to every visit and I feel amazing afterwards. The doctors took care care of my fractured arm, alleviated my feet pain, and made my back and neck feel 100% better.  I do my exercises with getting adjusted and my arthritis and stiffness has never felt better.  Thank you!

Carol : Registered Nurse