Corporate Wellness

On-site care is becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s corporate environment.  It’s not just service, it’s a movement toward providing a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment.  By offering mobile services, we are in a unique position to easily provide on-site chiropractic care to local businesses. This is an invaluable service and is a win-win for everyone involved.  Please visit for more information on our on-site health and wellness services.

The Benefits of Offering On-Site Chiropractic Services:

Convenient On-Site Services! By having direct access to a chiropractor at their workplace, your employees won’t need to worry about taking time out of their personal lives for appointments. More free time equals less stress equals happier employee.

Affordable Rates! We offer affordable rates and flexible payment options to meet the needs of your business.

Reduce Pain & Stiffness While On The Job! There’s nothing worse than being in pain while at work. It’s difficult to concentrate and perform job functions properly when all you can think about is going home.

Prevent Injuries Before They Happen! Our chiropractic techniques are a perfect combination for preventing injuries before they occur.

Reduce Lost Work Time! Less pain and fewer injuries means less time off work and fewer WC and OSHA claims.

Increase Productivity! A happy, pain-free employee is more productive.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about our on-site chiropractic services, please contact Dr. Jeremy Dorris directly at (619) 405-4740.

Corporate Wellness